A & R Consultants


About Us

The A & R CONSULTANTS, LLC is an engineering company registered with the Texas Professional Board of Engineering. 

A & R Consultants is comprised of a group of talented individuals each experienced in large-scale solar power system design, relay design and protection, and control systems for the generation, transmission, substation, and distribution engineering. The staff at A & R Consultants has over 60 years of electrical design, protection, and project management experience collectively and has worked on some of the highest-profile projects in various utilities, commercial, and generation plants. 

A & R Consultants started in 2013, engineering design and electrical service company based in Austin, Texas. We provide engineering design and electrical services for Electrical systems. A & R Consultants strives to maintain a consistent and robust track record of exemplary performance and continued client satisfaction.  Our solutions provide cost-effective methods and design to improve safety and protect and extend the reliability and service life of assets. 

One of our fundamental goals is to make sure that Electrical Engineering is available to everyone, not just significant projects. We are here to ensure the safety and correct operation of any project, no matter how small. We always help homeowners, inspectors, and small businesses get access to the engineering support they need.